Sunday, February 20, 2011


The saying goes, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade', well that saying doesn't quite work for FIMO lemons.

One of the first techniques that I tackled with FIMO was understanding how to make clay canes, often called millefiori canes. Millefiori is an Italian term meaning "a thousand flowers" and it is a technique developed for use with glass, to make decorative patterns at early as the 7th centrury AD. Polymer clay artists have adapted this skill to produce an incredible variety of clay designs. In my case I used the millefiori technique to make a lemon cane, out of which I was able to make a few lemons (if you were to cut open the whole lemons, you would see life-like citrus pattern inside.) However the technique is involved and takes effort, and I ended up with more lemons than I could possibly ever need.

So I took my lemons and made lemon cream pie. I especially like that I used a coke bottle cap for the pie tin :)

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